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Rail Innovation Day – Selhurst Depot

By August 15, 2018Programme Updates
TravelAI Selhurst Rail Innovation

One of the key offerings of The Billion Journey Project is giving the companies on our programme access to the behind-the-scenes ¬†activity of the operating companies across the Go-Ahead group. As part of this offering we took our companies on a visit to the UK’s largest rail depot at Selhurst. The companies benefitted from understanding not just the extensive engineering and labour required to maintain a fleet but also the challenges and complexities with installation of technologies on trains themselves.

This film demonstrates the highlights and insights our companies gained from the visit, and also how The Billion Journey Project is helping our engineering and maintenance team through smart technologies to solves every day problems. Rail innovation is a key ambition for Go-Ahead and is part it’s understanding of the importance of the future of mobility.