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Week 3 – Bus Innovation Immersion Day

By July 9, 2018Programme Updates
Bus Innovation - Billion Journey Project

This was the first of our two immersion days on the programme, getting our companies behind the scenes of buses and how they could improve bus innovation. The day was lead by Martin Harris and Patrick Warner from Brighton & Hove bus. Our cohort were collected on a vintage routemaster bus from Gatwick airport and taken to the Metrobus depot. 

Bus Depot Innovation Brighton & Hove - Billion Journey Project

The tour of the depot initially focused on a talk from the engineering and maintenence team. This gave the companies an opportunity to understand how a modern bus depot works and what goes into delivering reliable services. This was followed by an introduction by the opperations and fleet teams in the depot nerve center, demonstrating the complexities and technologies required to run day to day services. 

CEO of Brighton & Hove Buses, being interviewed about how the Billion Journey Project will benefit passengers.

Bus Innovation - Billion Journey Project

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